Dynamic Loop Mixer

The dynamic Loop Mixer designed and built by Bilfinger EMS, is a process engineering system to mix a certain number of components to one homogeneous product. The system is used in continuously operating processes.

The mixer basically consists of:

  • Mixer housing with installations
  • Helical displacer with dispersing tool

Mixing procedure/function

  • The components to be mixed enter the dynamic loop-mixer through the inlet.
  • Inside the mixer, the product is thoroughly mixed by mechanically guided, continuous recirculation (loop formation). The mixing and circulation energy required is provided by a variable-speed helical displacer to maintain the loop stream.
  • The chosen dispersing tool ensures the efficient mixing of the product. At the same time new material will be added continuously to the circuit through the mixer inlet.
  • The product mixture leaves the mixer through the discharge tubes of the centrally symmetrical collector.
  • Dynamic Loop Mixers are especially suitable for the mixing of products with low to high viscosity.

Facts of Dynamic Loop Mixer

  • Loop Mixer cubic capacity from 1.6 to 400 liters, graduated in standardized type series
  • dmt-Mixer sizes MD50 to MD320
  • Temperatures from -5°C up to 120°C
  • Pressure up to 16 bar
  • Product viscosity up to approx. 32,000 Pas

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