Odorizing units for public gas supply

Bilfinger EMS offers complete solutions for odorizing units that meet the highest requirements of our clients. We are one of the leading suppliers of natural gas odorization units in Germany and Europe.

With your decision to install a Bilfinger EMS odorizing unit you want to ensure a specific amount of odorant is continuously and reliable added to the gas flowing by dependent on its actual flow rate. Based on our development activities and experience collected over several decades, we can offer a wide range of odorizing units perfectly designed to fulfill any of the individual requirements our clients might have with respect to size, model and technology applied.

Concerning the aspects of safety, accuracy and reliability our odorizing units assume an essential role in your installation as a whole. All Bilfinger EMS odorizing units are designed and manufactured state-of-the-art. The high quality standards applied throughout  all  our  manufacturing  process  as  well  as  our  reliably  short  delivery times are only some examples of our strengths you can benefit from.

Moreover, Bilfinger EMS is your competent partner when your target is to find and develop customized solutions for all components or when it comes to retrofitting and modernizing already existing Units. However we are able to supply spare parts for dmt and Burdosa machinery.

Benefit from the high degree of flexibility Bilfinger EMS is able to provide with their individually engineered solutions on the basis of modular design. All tank sizes, spillage tray and metering pumps are compatible with one other to allow for flexibility, so that the whole system may be ideally adapted to suit almost any spatial requirements you might have.

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