Bilfinger EMS GmbH


Electrical, Instrumentation and Control Engineering

Our team of employees offers you qualified services for the process industry.
Through the integration of our employees from engineering into project development, we ensure a continuous exchange of experience through the knowledge won during the production and commissioning of realized projects

Project plans are carried out with the help of appropriate engineering tools such as Aucoplan, Elcad, E-Plan, Comos PT and other systems.

Here are some of the planning services we provide:

  • Device and system specifications
  • Tender documents and service specifications
  • Measurement, instrumentation and equipment lists, hook ups
  • Lists of explosion protected equipment
  • Electrical load lists and single line diagrams
  • Calculation and representation of energy distribution system with SIMARIS
  • Functional descriptions, functional plans and cause-and-effect diagrams
  • Cable and cable route plans
  • Documentation such as single line and loop diagrams, control cabinet designs etc.

We also offer the following services in the area of project execution, construction management, construction and commissioning, including supervision

  • Monitoring and compliance with safety and quality requirements
  • Creation and monitoring of schedules
  • Creation and monitoring of quality and inspection plans
  • Performance of acceptance and inspection procedures
  • Performance of logging and reporting tasks
  • Coordination and execution of commissioning procedures
  • Creation of as-built documentation

André Schlotmann

André Schlotmann

Head of Department

Phone: 04471/182 163

Heiner Schulte