Process Engineering

Our range of services in process engineering:

  • Concept studies for development of new plants as well as for plant optimizations and extensions
  • Basic and detail engineering within the scope of pre-planning, approval planning and other engineering projects
  • Detail engineering for turn-key processing plants with a focus on gas & oil technology
  • Commissioning of natural gas plants including operator training

Our key competences:

  • Development of process concepts
  • Process simulations based on thermodynamic, chemical and physical parameters
  • Process balancing in relation to material streams and energies
  • Engineering and design of process components such as heat exchangers, absorption columns, adsorption vessels and separators
  • Engineering and design of control valves, pumps, compressors and safety equipment with focus on productivity, maintenance, environmental protection and occupational safety
  • Plant automation and control system concepts
  • Preparation of operational manuals for safe plant operation
  • Commissioning of gas processing plants including testing and reporting

Our tools:

  • Pro/II, HYSYS
  • VDI Waermeatlas, TEMA
  • Lauterbach Verfahrenstechnik (heat exchanger engineering & design)
  • Flare Sim
  • Conval
  • Comos
  • Various in-house calculation programs

Ulrich Trebbe

Ulrich Trebbe

Head of Department

Phone: +49 4471 182 - 257

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