E&IC Services

In the field of EI&C (electrical, instrumentation and control technology), Bilfinger EMS GmbH carries out maintenance and repairs on electrical devices and components for process automation in the oil and gas, chemical and food industries. Our measures are carried out in accordance with generally applicable standards and regulations such as the German Eichordnung (measurement system regulations), German industrial safety regulations, TRBS, BGV, DIN and VDE regulations.

Maintenance, service and calibration
Our qualified carries out out maintenance work on your equipment and systems. We provide maintenance and services for:

  • Equipment that requires monitoring (explosion protection) by competent persons in accordance with TRBS 1203, regular and detail audits, technical audits
  • Temperature, pressure, flow, position and fill level measurements
  • Gas detection equipment and systems
  • Gas pressure regulating stations
  • Combustion systems for industrial applications
  • Electrical equipment by a qualified electrician
  • Mandatory volume and gas property measurements for commercial-use gas (e.g. measurement tracks, process gas chromatographs)
  • Process monitoring (e.g. dew point, oxygen, hydrogen sulfide measurements)
  • Machinery protection systems (vibration, swing, rotational speed and axial thrust measurements)
  • Testing equipment calibration
  • Support in the preparation of explosion protection documentation, danger analyses, audit instructions and maintenance planning
  • Regular reviews with audit-ready documentation
  • Provision of specialists for operating customer systems

Manufacturing, delivery and assembly
We will carry out your plant projects including design, manufacture, supply, assembly and commissioning with all system components in the areas of:

  • Electrical engineering
  • Measurement and control systems
  • Automation systems and safety controls
  • Process management technology
  • Visualization systems
  • Remote systems and process data transfer
  • Monitoring systems

Rainer Kollmer

Rainer Kollmer

Head of Department

Phone: +49 4471 182 - 167

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