Gas Safety Services / Respiratory Protection

Bilfinger EMS is known throughout Germany as a specialist in the areas of respiratory protection, measuring technology training, respiratory equipment installation and first aid materials controlling. Furthermore, Bilfinger EMS provides staff for respiratory protection units, on-site fire departments, general gas safety, as well as shutdown personnel. Bilfinger EMS GmbH offers companies various services in the areas of respiratory protection and gas safety, also on site:

Provision of respiratory protection equipment, e.g.:

  • Dräger PSS 100/PSS 9000 compressed air pack
  • Full-face filter masks, high pressure masks
  • Escape respirator Parat 3200
  • Escape respirator Oxy K 30
  • Gas safety/respiratory protection pack fully equipped with compressed air respirator, full-face and high-pressure masks, ventilation system, automated external defibrillator, litter, first aid box, rescue tripod with safety harness, safety suits as well as compressed air hose systems with hose drums

Provision of measuring technology, e.g.:

  • Dräger Pac 5000
  • Dräger Xam 7000
  • Dräger X Zone 5500

Cleaning, disinfection, maintenance and repair of:

  • Partial and full-face masks
  • Compressed air packs
  • Escape respirators
  • Blowers and helmet headsets
  • Hose systems
  • Safety suits

Other services

  • Training on the use of respiratory protection systems according to BGR 190/FwDV.7 and user information from the manufacturer(isolation systems, escape respirators, hose systems)
  • Training on the use of escape respirators
  • How to fill pressurized gas containers (for breathing)
  • Fire station for open flame operations with high risk of fire and explosion
  • 24 hour on-call service
  • On-site service

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