Mobile Systems

Quick, flexible and variable solutions for process or auxiliary units are having an increased  significant role today. Bilfinger EMS has the know-how to manufacture mobile solutions according to client’s specific requirements in our own fabrication.

Our solutions:

  • Gas Flaring
  • Gas Scrubbing
  • Activated Carbon Filters
  • Residual Liquid Collectors
  • Drainage Systems
  • Pumping Units
  • Washing container
  • 'Early Production Units’ (modular first production units for treatment of crude oil or natural gas)
  • Workshop trucks
  • ... and many more!

Our services:

  • Individual design and concept development and consideration of customer specifications
  • Considering any kind of transportation solution, like containers, forklift systems, semi-trailers, truck drawbar trailers, car trailers, pallet format
  • Design of reliable mobile systems with a high availability
  • Flexible in use, safe in operation and environmentally friendly using state of the art technologies

Hanno Wennekamp

Hanno Wennekamp

Project manager

Phone: +49 4471 182 - 331

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Contact us

Mobile Flare

Own development of a mobile flaring systems for the safe and reliable combustion of gases in the ‘oil and gas’ industry, as well as in the ‘chemical and petrochemical’ industries.

Extremely mobile and flexible by mounting on a car trailer or other chassis

Very high safety standard, self-sufficient battery operation, all consumables on board, such as nitrogen and propane

User-friendly handling via touch panel

High availability and ready for immediate us