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Bilfinger EMS is a major supplier of maintenance services to clients in the natural gas, chemical and food industries.

The specialty is the provision of various services to natural gas producers and operators located in northern Germany. Bilfinger EMS has long-term partnerships with the major players in the gas industry. With over 30 years of experience in this area, we are a competent partner to improve the operation and increase the lifetime of industrial units.

The services provided range from mechanical repairs, electrical, instrumentation and control system maintenance, through to provision of all maintenance services as a main contractor. Additionally, the dedicated pump and valve workshop has a team of specialists in the area of pump, valve and compressor overhauls and refits.

Further specialists are available for breathing protection operations, which are crucial in some dangerous operations. The facilities and services in this area are approved by the German mining authorities.

We have a large range of vehicles and mobile work-shops and equipment, that allows us to operate at remote sites with little infrastructure and increases flexibility towards the clients.

We also have workshops located directly at the clients’ sites and are also involved in the planning and execution of shutdown operations and yearly inspections.

As a part of the service portfolio, we also perform maintenance planning to reduce the overall maintenance effort required and produce significant benefits to the clients. Project execution, also on a turn-key basis, is also offered. Offering of engineering support services (process, mechanical and E&IC) completes the portfolio. Engineering can be for maintenance, but also for safety issues, debottlenecking projects, extensions or design of new projects.

Roland Päplow

Roland Päplow

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