Compressors, Pumps, Valves and Firing System Services

Bilfinger EMS GmbH is one of the leading service providers for the repair and maintenance of pumps and valves.

Screw compressor service
Regardless of the manufacturer, we repair screw compressors, oil-injected compressors and special-purpose compressors. Our full service comprises all stages of works from dismantling through to reassembly at the compressor‘s place of use.

Repair of metering, centrifugal and side channel pumps
In addition to compressors, we also repair and maintain industrial pumps. We carry out repairs and maintenance at our workshop in Cloppenburg. We also offer on-site service. We have specially equipped service vehicles ready for the task.

Maintenance and repair of safety valves and pilots
Our Cloppenburg site and our on-site service can inspect and repair safety valves for all areas of industry. We also specialize in pilot-operated tank valves. In our facilities, we can carry out gas pressure tests of up to 420 bar and liquid pressure tests of up to 700 bar. This service can be executed with nominal sizes of up to 500 mm.

Services for control valves and shut-off devices
We maintain, repair and modify control valves and shut off devices at regular inter- vals. We can support nominal sizes of up to 500 mm and pressures of up to 700 bar (API 10,000).
We can also handle valve conversions based on customer request. Examples include changing the CV value, fitting with hard metal or hardfacing seat and plug.

Services for gas pressure regulating (and metering) stations and gas heat burners
Our service includes the regular maintenance and repair of gas supply system-inte- grated gas pressure regulating (and metering) stations. We also provide maintenance services for heating burners fired with natural gas or oil.

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Werner Osterkamp

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