Bilfinger EMS GmbH with its headquarters in northwest Germany and several branch offices throughout Germany offers services covering the entire life cycle of industrial plants. Services range from consulting, development, design, fabrication, construction, installation to commissioning and maintenance. Solutions are developed primarily for the natural gas, petroleum, food, beverage and chemical industries as well as in the field of renewable energies. Bilfinger EMS GmbH focuses on the individual requirements of the customer in projects and services. Customized solutions are developed in cooperation with the clients.

The range of services include:

Industrial Engineering and Projects

  • Feasibility studies, conceptual design, basic engineering
  • Process design including process guarantees
  • Detail Engineering (Process, Mechanical, EI&C)
  • Fabrication and construction
  • Plant Commissioning & start-up
  • Trouble shooting & optimization
  • Turn-key Package modules for own and third party technologies

Process Technologies

  • Natural gas dew point adjustment (H2O, Hydrocarbons)
  • Gas treatment and separation (Hg, CO2, H2, solids, liquids)
  • Small Scale LNG
  • Off-gas handling (purification)
  • Heat recovery
  • Emission reduction

Maintenance & Services

  • Mobile Maintenance
  • Valves and Rotating Equipment Services
  • Respiratory Protection Services
  • Electrical & Instrumentation
  • Control & Automation Technologies
  • Digitalization

Dosing & Mixing Solutions

  • Dosing pumps and integrated skids
  • Chemicals injection units
  • Odorizing units
  • Dynamic & static mixing solutions

Application fields

  • Gas production, gas fields and treatment plants
  • Compression stations, Underground Storages and gas networks
  • Chemical & Petrochemical production plants
  • Food and Beverage

Karsten Hoffhaus

Theodor Osteresch